Persuasive Essay: Why Do Later School Start Times?

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Later School Start Times “About 90% of the teens, problem is insufficient sleep” (Dr. Chen), most of the adolescents are suffering of sleep deprived which is unabling them to be healthy and pay attention in class. Many of the schedules that are given in schools are the worst for teens because one one the things they require them to do is to wake up early to attend to the classes. Middle and High School start times should start later because it will benefit students academic growth, and improve health . Starting school times later will make teen have an academic growth. Starting school later could help teens academically because, they would be more attentive to any work or test that comes their way. They tried to see that a high school …show more content…

Teen could start school times later to improve their health, and live longer. If schools don’t take action know they will be the cause of why adolescents experience permanent damage. Therefore, more the ricks teen are taking of sleep deprives is depression, obesity, bad grades, etc, school need to take action NOW. If school are going to take action there decisions will be the best because it’s going to benefit students health in many way. They will re-store any information they learned during the day, it will also build muscle and bone while if they don’t sleep they will not learn anything or have strong muscles and bones. That’s why schools should push back school times for teens health. Others claim that schools shouldn’t push back school time because, it will affect after school activities. They say that this would be a few of the actives that would be affected. After school sports, other after school’s programs, jobs, babysitting younger siblings, etc. Those are just some of the programs they mentioned. However, it doesn’t mean they have to push school times 2 hours later, “The AAP guidelines said that only 25 minutes would make a difference in your health and academic performance”. It doesn’t mean that school have to push back hours, they could just do 25 minutes and it would make a

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