Sleep Informative Speech

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How did you sleep last night? We don’t always even need to hear an answer before we know it. Sometimes a glance into a person’s face tells it all – they look rugged and groggy. Yet, after a good night sleep we can look very different as well – our faces lit up and we almost look younger. This isn’t a trick either, as sleep has powerful regenerative qualities and I’m about to let you in on the secrets of getting a more regenerative sleep.
1 Why you need a good night sleep?

Before I delve into the secrets of a good regenerative sleep, the focus should be on the most essential questions of all: Why does any of this matter? Knowing how much benefits there is to sleep can help you make long lasting and effective chances. You truly start understanding why the above tricks are worth trying out and what you gain for sticking with them even if they seem silly at first.

Mental benefits

Perhaps the most crucial changes you’ll …show more content…

That’s correct, sleep isn’t just sleep from the moment you fall asleep to the time you wake up. In between, you go through four different stages, all of which are important, yet some of which have a crucial role in regenerative sleep. During the night, your body will cycle through the following stages:

The stage of sleep What happens during this stage?
N1 You feel almost half asleep during this stage and it’s the moment where you are still somewhat aware of your surroundings, but when you start slowly losing this awareness. Often during N1, your body can make involuntary movements and you might feel your legs or arms jerking and twitching.
N2 The N2 is the slightly deeper stage of N1 and it’s when you lose your awareness of the surroundings. You aren’t still fully immersed in sleep, but more or less unaware of what is happening around you. This stage actually takes up most of your nightly sleep, as it’s roughly 50% of total sleep

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