Informative Speech On Sleep Paralysis

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I. Imagine this: You come home from a long day of work, you go to lay down in your dark and serene room. You begin to fall asleep and you start to hear a faint knocking. The knocking then becomes more potent and suddenly violent. You try to jump up and check what it is, but you realize you can’t move a muscle and you can’t even lift a finger. You are paralyzed. A. Your worried eyes begin to scan the room and your door slowly creeps open. You begin to panic and you’re of breath and start panting for air. B. You then see a nefarlous dark shadow walking towards you. You want to run away and scream but you can’t. You are still paralyzed. The shadow is now standing over you with his impassive eyes, like he wouldn’t care if you died or not. C. The shadow suddenly vanishes. You are finally free and can breath again. It all felt so real but you realize it was all a dream.

II. This strange phenomenon happens often, and the term for it is “sleep paralysis.” according to Penn State University, their research shows that it happens more often in students and psychiatric patients (University Park,2011).

III. So, what exactly is sleep paralysis? Well today I’m going to be talking about what it is, the science behind sleep paralysis, and what causes it and how to prevent it.

I. Sleep paralysis can often be very frightening to some people and they often describe it as the “scariest experience” of their life. A. The reason why it is so

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