Personal Narrative: Enchanting World Of Lucid Dreaming

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My whole body was paralyzed and at that moment I was convinced that I was going to die. Daunting thoughts began to swell within my head and the yearning to cry was only thriving as the minutes passed. Sleeping had become a struggle ever since my parents had announced their divorce two months prior. Dealing with the consistent fighting of my parents during the day was enough to make me want to sleep eternally at night. However, after experiencing sleep paralysis for the first time I was then introduced to the enchanting world of lucid dreaming. As an illustration, I was enchanted by the creations I could cultivate as I slept. Under those circumstances, lucid dreaming is an overwhelming phenomenon that has had a substantially positive impact on my life. To begin with, I would like to explain what sleep paralysis is. Sleep paralysis is the rare occurrence in which a person is in a transition state between awakeness and sleep. This state can cause a person to be aware of their surroundings but not able to move. On the night of the entanglement, I had been attempting to sleep for hours, but nothing provided support. Provided that I had school the next day and had to wake up early, I chose to just lay there until I drifted off. After maybe 25 minutes of motionlessness and …show more content…

The following morning I woke up feeling more energized and upbeat than I had felt in a long time. By experiencing something dark and unpleasant, I was able to turn it into a positive. This became sort of a mantra for my life; embrace this divorce and make it something positive. Everyday following allowed me to embrace the darkness and bring forth something new. Sleep paralysis does not scare me anymore and I am able to lucid dream willingly and peacefully. This event changed my life for the better and without going through that tough time I would not have been able to see the light of all situations, in reality and when I

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