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Sleep Journal and Reflection Essay Aaron Huffmaster American Military University Sleep Journal and Reflection Essay I would never have thought to myself how diet, psychological health, physical health exercise habits, and events throughout the day would affect the dreams I have at night. I took all of these factors into consideration when I was trying to analyze my dreams. I have learned that my sleeping habits do affect my daily life, and the interactions I had with others throughout the day. Freud once said “that whether we intend it or not, we 're all poets. That 's because on most nights, we dream. And dreams are a lot like poetry, in that in both, we express our internal life in similar ways. We conjure images; we combine incongruent elements to evoke emotion in a more efficient way than wordier descriptions can, and we use unconscious and tangential associations rather than logic to tell a story”.…show more content…
As for the Second dream, I don’t even know where to begin the analyzation process. I have been interested in buying a tractor lately and have also worried about the housework. My wife is currently pregnant and at home with a two year old. I know personally, this is not an easy task. I just spent six months at home with him while my wife was deployed and can’t imagine how much her pregnancy affects her health and stress levels. Anyway, both dreams seem to tie into things I am dealing with or thinking about in real life that have just grown way out of proportion in my thoughts. Allan Hobsons theory offers somewhat of a solution to why dreams we have may be so weird. Hobson argues that dreams are clumsy narratives stitched together by the forebrain to make sense of the activation of biochemical changes and erratic electric pulses originating in the brainstem. During sleep, our minds can’t precisely put everything together due to low serotonin levels. While In the real world our minds can piece different things

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