The Importance Of Becoming An Immigrant

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Since I could remember I have always been and continued to be stereotyped, but that 's not the worst, the worst is when you start giving into the stereotypes yourself. Since I can remember my goal in life has always been to be able to travel, explore different cultures and peoples around the world. Freshman year of high school came around and there 's a program that allowed kids to travel around the world or within the United States, I saw my cousin do it and I was really excited to apply. I was eligible and a perfect candidate but once I asked the question to the program representative in private she said, “Ohh no, you can 't apply this is for the kids who are able and who deserve it” soon she realized her mistake and tried to work around…show more content…
The biggest shocker wasn 't that I wasn 't able to go, the biggest shocker was that this woman once she heard about my legal status suddenly thought I wasn 't deserving of this opportunity. At that moment I felt dirty my feelings were a mixture of intense anger towards my parents for putting me in this situation I did not agree, disgusted with myself and excluded from everybody else around me. Before this incident I was okay with being an immigrant, but after this I have never been okay with my immigration status because everyday it feels like I’m the one free criminal breaking the law. I think what she was thinking was “This kid is not American, therefore no benefits for her” or something among those lines. To be honest I am not completely sure what her stereotype I just know this has been one of the most traumatic experiences Ive experienced in…show more content…
This event dramatically changed my persona, how I view things and how I view myself as a whole. After this I grew so much anger towards my parents it made me say things to them I wish I could take back, but necessary to get out of my body at the time. I felt like they violated my freedom and human rights by putting me in a situation I wasn 't even asked if I wanted to be part of. I felt betrayed and miserable. I think this event changed how I see myself as well, I see myself really different from what other people see. I am not confident in myself I have lots of doubts and not enough trust. My goals have changed, in fact I don 't have any or believe in them anymore because so far nothing seems stable enough to think about goals. I don 't know if I want to leave the U.S. and leave everything behind or stay here

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