Personal Narrative: My First Generation Immigrants

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First generation immigrants sacrifice their adulthood in search of a better life for their family and for future generations to come. My father came from Peru to support his family. He was the first person in his family to come to America. He works in road construction from morning until night so that my family is supported. The desire to repay both of my parents is the belief that guides my life. The only way to repay them for their sacrifices is to be successful in life. Many people are pressured to do well in school by their parents, teachers, and mentors. However, the burden is not as heavy if you come from a wealthy family. If you come from a lower class family and do not succeed in your education or career, then another generation of poverty begins and you have failed pay back your parents for their struggles of raising a child in the lower class. My dad, since coming to America, has always wanted to open up a Polleria, a restaurant that serves chicken and french fries. However, he is stuck working at his job until either a miracle happens, or it is given to him. I want to be able to make his wish come true by giving …show more content…

I no look at blank application sheets and ask myself what would happen if things didn’t go as planned. Now I have become more spontaneous and say “yes” to almost anything. The experience that follows is either a good one or one that you can laugh at later with friends as you tell its story. I always wonder what I could have done and who I could have met if I had taken more risks growing up. Recently I had randomly decided to join the KandiStars program offered at our school. Little did I know that a year later I would be flown out to Florida and stay at a resort with friends for a week, all expenses paid for by the California Institute of Technology. It is amazing what filling out a piece of paper can do to change the course of your

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