The Importance Of Immigrant Rights

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Immigrant rights and other people's rights are at risk when the government has the authority or power to deny legal rights. Immigrants, Migrant farm workers are in such a deep mess where they keep getting rejected in jobs. The only jobs that they can get are pretty much in the fields to work or even in small restaurants like McDonald's. Migrant farm workers are mainly immigrants to support themselves or their family to have a successful life. They work hard and get up every morning to go and plant crops to achieve their dream to live in America. Our country was mainly found by immigrants like when Christopher Columbus from Italy came to America and said the he “discovered” the land and call the people that had been living their Indians. He was pretty much an immigrant to this day forward. Immigrants rights should be supported because most people in America are mostly immigrants. …show more content…

We need the ACLU because we know that the government has the power to deny legal right to everybody. The ACLU protects the rights and liberties of immigrants and they said that, “We are dedicated and to expand to help discriminate immigrant rights.”(ACLU) Some of the effects is that mainly jobs have immigrants in the business and if they lose towards to having rights. Most of the business that are immigrants the rating cost will go down and eventually shut down. When the government has the power to deny legal rights that's when the ACLU comes in to help immigrant

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