Persuasive Essay Illegal Immigration

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“Illegal immigration continues to be a major problem in the United States. We have people wanting to come here legally and we should not be rewarding people who have come here illegally,” said John Barrasso. The United States Government should not allow immigrants into America because they are having negative effects on our country. Some negative effects are citizens competing with illegals for jobs, immigrants expecting favors, and Americans not getting to work hard for their money. The United States Government should not allow immigrants into the U.S., because it decreases American jobs. Legal and illegal immigrants force American citizens to compete with illegal immigrants for jobs. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, “There are about 11 million illegal immigrants in the country.” These immigrants get whatever jobs they can, putting less educated American citizens at a higher risk for not getting jobs. Some Americans believe that immigration is good because immigrants fill jobs that Americans do not want. However, immigration is not good because the illegal immigrants have broken the country’s laws of …show more content…

Senator Jeff Sussions said, “I’m also dubious about the idea that there are jobs Americans won’t do. I worked construction in the Alabama sun, hauling lumber, and stuff. I know Americans do that every single day, tough work that is done every single day.” There are many Americans that do hard work everyday to support their families. Legalizing these immigrants would take away American jobs and not allow Americans to work hard to support their families. The United States government should not allow immigrants in the the U.S. because they are causing negative effects. They cause americans to compete for jobs, immigrants to expect favors, and Americans to not work hard for their

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