Should Immigrates Be Allowed To Come To The United States?

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Hundreds or thousands immigrates legal or illegal come to the United States for jobs. Some immigrates come because they need money for their family and other's come because they want to danger us. Immigrates should be allow to come to the United States because they're better jobs there ,and also they need money for their family. For example, many immigrates struggle to pay for their family needs and it's really hard because I had a friend that her parents had to move to the United States for better jobs. Her parents couldn't pay the bills in Mexico so the only way to get money and better jobs are in the United States. Many people don't expect it because they're not from here ,but it's a free country anybody could be there if they want because they have the rights to be there. Americans should let them come because they probably have family that they're immigrates and they need the money in order for their family to survive. …show more content…

Nobody should be rude to them because they aren't doing any harm to you. They want to feel welcomed. People for the United States should make them feel welcomed ,but don't but they don't have a choice they should do it no matter what. And also if we went to their country they'll probably do the same to us and makes us feel welcomed. People should take the opportunity to come to our country. When immigrates come everybody should try and get along with them because later on they could be your friend. However, many people support that immigration are welcomed ,but others aren't because they are afraid that they'll hate on them. They should always feel welcomed any where in the United States because when ever people come in they are always going to follow the

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