The Pros And Cons Of Unite Illegal Immigrants

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“Nearly 15 years after the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history, the government admits that more than half a million foreigners with expired visas—like the 9/11 jihadists—remain in the country and thousands are from terrorist nations like Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Syria”(Retrieved from (Judicial Watch, 2016). Government has to enforce immigration law and construct a useful plan to determine overstayed visa before they become a threat such as Arizona and Texas, the police can stop people and ask them their identity to determine if they are here legally. What happens in September 11th was a good example of unacceptable behavior due to unknown terrorists attack the twin center which cost the government billion of dollars to clean up the mess and rebuild a new building as well, beside the compensation for people who were affected emotionally and by the chemical substance. Therefore, the government spends a fortune to detect and punished who’s responsible for this tragedy. Illegal immigrants are danger for this country, especially those who comes thru the border sneaking without a legal permission to stay in the …show more content…

Many illegal aliens use fake information to benefit from Medicare, Welfare, and Food Stamp programs, and that cost government and hospitals a fortune. Some hospitals are going out of business because they cannot afford to pay their expenses, which result in a big loss. A good example of that is that many California hospitals and emergency rooms have to stop its services because “they could not afford to stay open after being endlessly swamped by illegal immigrants who were simply not able to pay for the services that they were receiving” (Retrieved from (Snyder, 2011). Government increases the cost of the healthcare for people who earn more and help others who cannot afford it such as the kids of illegal aliens and that cost

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