The Pros And Cons Of Immigration Reform

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Immigration reform has been a big issue for our country in recent years. Many U.S. citizens claim that immigration is harmful to the US economy. In just 20 years, we have seen the average number of immigrants per year jump a staggering 20%. This has lead to the biased opinions we see towards immigration today. Currently, our country is not receiving any benefit from immigration. The number of minimum wage jobs available have decreased but so have the number of professional jobs. This is due to the fact that immigrants usually do not have a middle class with average skills. They are either refugees escaping their country hoping for the U.S. government to help them out or they are highly skilled and trained professionals needed by the United States. This has led to an economic …show more content…

There comes a time in the development of a country that the need for every single kind of immigrant decreases. Today, our country is only experiencing a slightly positive economic effect due to immigration. With economic hardships facing almost every U.S. family, it's time to say "Enough is enough.". We can fix the economic imbalance immigration has caused our country with just a little bit of elementary addition and subtraction. We would have a much greater benefit from immigration if we selected immigrants based on skill and education. Specifically, we should decrease the number of low-skilled, poorly-educated immigrants, and increase the number of highly-skilled, S.T.E.M. immigrants. Such a policy would push up wages for U.S. unskilled workers and in turn bring more money to the government by reducing the burden that social services have on our

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