The Pros And Cons Of Undocumented Immigrants

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What if you were kicked out of somewhere you called home? One significant reason that undocumented immigrants should acquire a “path to citizenship” is that America is a country of immigrants, founded by immigrants. According to Senator Charles E. Schumer in Upfront Magazine, 2016 “I can see the statue of Liberty, which welcomed my ancestors so many years ago. That statue is a symbol of hope to the world. For it to remain so, we must keep fighting to pass immigration reform, including a solution for undocumented immigrants who are already here.” What Senator Schumer is saying is that America’s ancestors are immigrants, so why can’t we welcome the ones already here? It simply doesn’t make sense to not be open to legalize undocumented immigrants …show more content…

As Senator Charles E. Schumer from Upfront Magazine has made clear, “We also need to give the millions of undocumented workers chance to settle their debt to society and earn legal status.” Senator Schumer’s point is that we have to give these immigrants a chance to benefit themselves and even us. Undocumented immigrants are workers and they can improve our economy so they should have a path to citizenship because they can earn legal status, and boost our economy. Of course it is possible to disagree with the view that immigrants improve the economy and instead argue that undocumented immigrants take American citizens’ jobs. Nevertheless, the weight of the evidence is on the other side. We must remember is that we all are human and we all want to succeed, we can 't give all the jobs to American citizens only, we must be equal and allow whoever fits a certain job the best, to have that regardless if they are citizens. These immigrants can be beneficial, if given a chance. This is fundamentally why immigrants should have a path to citizenship since they promote, enhance, and improve our

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