Undocumented Immigration Essay

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Throughout the history of the United States, immigration has and continues to be an issue that is present today. Undocumented immigrants face many hardships living in our country with limited access to attain a lifestyle as any other American. These limitations affect undocumented immigrants in their daily lives and they face downward social mobility. In the workplace along with anywhere else, immigrants face fear of deportation and exploitation due to their ‘illegal’ immigration status, therefore they remain living in the shadows and in extreme distress. If opportunities such as a work permit was granted to immigrants, their chances of succeeding in the labor market would be rewarding. However, the lack of authorization to legally work in …show more content…

Undocumented immigrants live with fear of deportation every day of their lives. Those with control of state institutions who do not consider undocumented immigrants as worthy American residents in our society, take advantage of their power by instilling fear of deportation. The restrictive federal and state laws towards migration in the U.S. has become a way to keep undocumented immigrants and their families living in the shadows. Arrocha (2013) claims that the paradox of the U.S. migration seems be that our free democratic republicanism is viewed as the land of freedom, equality, and justice. Yet, these undocumented immigrants aren’t treated equally or given the freedom to live in our society without intimidation. In states like Arizona, the program SB 1070 allowed state officials to profile individuals who presumed to be residing in the state without legal documents. Needless to say, this was a tool used to regulate migration and also a way to differentiate legal residents from illegal residents, which resulted as an inhumane and degrading way to treat these individuals. For that reason, it has become unreachable for immigrants to assimilate into our American society because they are characterized as either aliens, criminals, or

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