Essay On Immigration Law

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Among the illegal immigrants currently living in the United States, continuously crossing the borders and remaining in the United Stated with expired visas each year. Unlawful immigration once an issue of border states such as Arizona or Texas is now impacting all states around the country with problems. Illegal immigration affects all aspects of civilization, from the cost of education, government assistance, and public safety. There is also the matter of when local law enforcement who make it a personal mission to seek out undocumented immigrant 's harassment demanding documents. Although the Federal Government has all authority over the regulating of migration into the United States, the State and local law enforcement and communities are an essential role in improving on the immigration law, and it is effectively enforced. Communication and cooperation with state and local law enforcement with federal officials are vital to combating the harmful effects of illegal immigration. State and local law enforcement act as a unit, strengthening the effectiveness of government migration agents in their jurisdictions. Notwithstanding the importance of state and local cooperation, some local ordinances and …show more content…

However, local law enforcement officers swore to protect and serve all who live within the community without prejudice. They must also do so within the guidelines of the federal immigration law, with the trust of the community. Without both the instructions and the faith of the community. Allowing local law enforcement to enforce immigration law may destroy the relationship within the immigration community, immigrants often fear deportation and will no longer come forward with information regarding criminal activities. However, there are many other ways that local officials can impose federal immigration laws, public safety and prevent

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