Persuasive Essay On Police Officers

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Everyday Police officers are serving our nation, state, county, and city. Their duty is to help product and to provide a safe environment to the community. Often officer face dangerous scenarios and are at risk everyday. Depending on where an officer works, will usually determine how much he/she is paid and what they do on a daily basis. Well a question that often arises, should law enforcement officers be paid higher wages, because of what they do for the community? Many believe that the Police officer have existed since the beginning of civilization. Although the establishment of the U.S. Police force is actually a modern invention. The first organized police force funded by the public, was created in Boston in 1838, which employed officers full-time. The definition of public order during the 19th century, to today has been maintained by the police force. Many businessmen during the late 19th century were afraid of their workers to go on strike. This is no surprise that by 1880, every large U.S. city had established a police force (Waxman). Police officers are mainly instructed to protect the people and property. Officers have numerous of duties, which include, patrolling, traffic control, responding to 911 calls, writing citations, and arresting violators. Police Officers are even called to testify in court on a case they might have seen or possibly even handled. An average day for a Officer can vary, but there are days when an officer is faced with a threat, like a

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