Persuasive Essay On Stop And Frisk

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There has been many controversial issues about the “stop-and-frisk” law. One side believes that it is racially profiling the communities of minorities and the other side believes that it is helping communities rise away from violence. There is a lot of history and background on stop-and-frisk and how it originated in the United States, especially in different places around the world. This law has been very controversial even within the law itself, so controversial states are debating on getting rid of it completely. Many politicians speak on this tactic in both positive and negative ways and the statistical growths and decreases on this topic. Talks about is the stop-and-frisk legal in the United States and they have the fourth amendment on this situation. Terry v Ohio case resulted in the stop-and-frisk issue.

Stop-and-frisk also known as “stop-and-search, began in the 1950’s. It gave police the legal right to search someone warrantless, if it had something to do with the law. An officer may only be allowed to search a person 's personal belongings if their reasoning is associated with a lawful arrest and if they have a probable cause to search (Matthews). After it being a huge deal in New York, other cities and states began embracing the use of stop-and-frisk as it began growing around the United States. In the 1950s police officials in other cities took up, and expanded, the stop-and-search tactics by using the LAPD to embrace the theory of crime

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