Georgia's Racial Profiling Law Case Study

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The policy problem that I have identified is Georgia’s Racial Profiling Law HB 87. The problem with the policy is that it makes every citizen other than Caucasian, a target in the eyes of the police. This policy allows the local and state police the authority to ask anyone with Hispanic decent or with an accent the right to ask for identification or immigration card. This procedure is done to see if the individual is legal the issue also doesn’t give officers the proper training to identify those individuals who are residing in Georgia illegally. As a result, if a crime is committed in the Hispanic or foreign communities, no one will be willing to help the authorities because they fear being prosecuted themselves.
This scenario leads to a domino effect which can cause more corruption in the community. Criminals will then have no limit to the crimes they can commit, due to no one willing to testify in fear of getting in …show more content…

Sell, L. (2012). HB 87 Negatively Impacts Georgia Economy and Reputation. JURIST. The author explains what guest columnist Azadeh Shahshahani has been exposing about the negative injustice associated with Georgia HB 87 and how by implementing the law would hurt Georgia’s economy. From Agriculture to everyday labor forces throughout the state.
3. Shahshahani, A. (2012). Unchecked Power Granted by House Bill 87. American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia. The author examines the penalties associated with the bill and the lack of information that is entitles the authorities to issue subpoenas without clear process. While letting the Immigration board delegate the checks and balances of the whole bill.
4. Redmon, J. (2011). Georgia Lawmakers pass illegal immigration crackdown. The Atlanta Journal Constitution. The author analyzes all the different political standpoints that both oppose and concur the courts legal decision to pass the Georgia illegal immigration reform and how it will change the way Georgia handles their day to day business

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