Immigration Policy Proposal Essay

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In times such as now, immigration policy is a topic of controversial and emotional discussion. The key in having educational, progressive, and prosperous conversations is understanding the theoretical foundations behind the argument that a person stands for or believes in. Having factual evidence to support ideas on concepts such as: the opportunities that immigrants bring to a country, what the international rules actually are that govern the entry and exit of people from one country to another, and the causes, trends, and consequences of international immigration. Finding reason and support for these claims can take the discussion behind immigration policy from one of heated and emotional argument to one of educational and beneficial conversation. …show more content…

Emigrants are those who exit their country. It is not common for people to leave their country of origin without necessity to do so. Individuals and or groups may migrate for reasons such as economic, social, environmental, and political. In the United States especially, there is a large stigma against those deemed “immigrant” and “emigrant.” Because these terms are often preceded by the word “illegal,” an environment has been created that views any sort of immigration in a negative light. In my own immigration policy proposal, one key step would be to educate the general public about the true definitions of these terms and the different reasons why individuals choose to do so. By changing the conversation from one of hate and misunderstanding, a key component of this policy would be to enlighten those who may be

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