Illegal Immigrants In Roberto Rodriguez's The Border On Our Backs

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Illegal immigration is becoming an increasing problem within the United States of America. The influx of people over the past few years has grown. They hope that coming to this country will bring them good fortune and a life of prosperity. Many illegal immigrants believe they have the right to become citizens even though they came here illegally. Though there are many opinions on the subject of immigration, two viewpoints are Roberto Rodriguez 's article, “The Border on Our Backs,” which supports illegal immigrants gaining citizenship and Star Parker’s article “Se Habla Entitlement”, is against them gaining citizenship. Rodriguez 's article expresses the belief that there should be an open border policy by pointing out that Americans …show more content…

Parker’s article is opposite of Rodriguez’s. She believes illegal immigrants have no right to complain or demonstrate for their rights. In this article, Parker uses a few more facts than Rodriguez but it still appears to be based mostly on her personal opinion. Parker states that “the recent pro-immigration demonstrations around the country have been a major turnoff.” Demonstrations made in Spanish are not convincing to her. Furthermore, Parker believes that the claims made by the demonstrators are “bogus claims draped in the garb of the civil-rights movement”. She does not believe this a civil rights issue, but more of a legal or moral issue. One of the few facts Parker used to support her argument was a survey asking Latino families if they would come to the United States. Almost half of the surveyed people agreed they would move while a fifth said they would move illegally. Parker believes the reasons behind illegal immigration from Mexico are due to the Mexican people continuously voting for leaders that do not help their government. Consequently, she believes they should take a more active role in their own government, so they can improve their own country’s conditions. She states that “let 's encourage freedom. But freedom is a privilege and a responsibility” meaning that people should earn the privilege of

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