Donald Trump's Rhetoric Of Immigration

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Immigration is already a top issue in the 2016 presidential race, as it was in the previous election cycles. In 2012, harsh rhetoric dramatically affected the Republican Party’s appeal with Hispanic and Asian voters. In a result, the Republican lost over seventy percent of that vote in the presidential race. Looking toward the 2016 election, Trumph’s immigration rhetoric leaves Latino Population feeling disenfranchised. Of course, Trump is not the only Republican candidate who has been spouting anti-immigrant rhetoric, but he has been one of the most vocal and vitriolic. For example, in his speech when he announced his candidacy for president in June, Trump began by comparing Mexican immigrants, whom he referred to as “rapists,” that “they …show more content…

In the article, Mexican American woman’s reaction to Donald Trump by Christina Arreola, an interviewed a Mexican American woman, Carmen felt “terrified” when she heard trump’s infamous speech about the Mexican immigrants. Trump’s word discouraged her and made her feel ashamed of her heritage because her parents were also illegal immigrants. Not only Trump has discouraged people who inherited illegal immigrants, but he falsely blamed Mexicans for bringing the “criminals.” There are large populations of Latino-Whites that don’t speak Spanish in America and they are not criminals. To millions of Latinos, mixed race, and blond-haired whites, their home is both Mexico and America. They enjoy all of the same rights and privileged as every other Mexican and American citizens. Carmen should not be ashamed of her heritage. In fact, Carmen is not the only one who was offended and discouraged by Trump’s word. When Donald compared Mexican immigrants to “rapists” and then decided to broaden the scope of his insult to all Latinos, several prominent figures in the Latino community have spoken out against Trump. In the letter, Thank You, Donald Trump by America Ferrera, Actress America Ferrera and singer Ricky Martin published scathing, op-ed condemn Trump’s action and rallying Latinos to unite against him. Actress Ferrera said “Mr. Trump, your comments means that you fail to see that immigrants are what have made this nation.” She wants to let trump know that if he truly wants to be president and have illegal-free country, securing America, Trump has to rethink of his outrageous words and apologize to the public, but he only made the case worse by proposing building “the border walls.” Trump repeatedly said that he will build impenetrable walls along the US and Mexico border to keep

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