Luis Valdez's Zoot Suit

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Claim: Luis Valdez’s play Zoot Suit introduces the idea that people of color tend to have a little support or opportunities than any other person. The people who are colored can make a little mistake and may struggle with that mistake all their life.

Context: Zoot Suit is the story of a Mexican Street Gang, whose members are accused of a murder they didn’t commit. They are arrested and are given an unfair trial and are treated unfairly due to their race.

Evidence #1: In the conversation between Pachuco and Henry, Pachuco tells Henry there is no need to join the Army because he has no opportunity because he is Mexican.
Henry: “I’m forcing me,ese- ME, you understand?
Pachuco: “ Muy, Patriotic, eh?”
Henry: “Yeah.”
Pachuco: “Off to fight for your country.”
Henry: “Why not?”
Pachuco: “Because this ain’t your country. Look what’s happening all around you. The Japs have sewed up the Pacific. Rommel is kicking ass in Egypt but the Mayor of L.A. has declared all-out war on Chicanos. On you! Te curas?”

Warrant: What this is saying is how many Americans from different cultures feel as if they don’t belong in the country they live in. Henry comes from a Mexican Culture, he wants to be do what any
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There are other people who want to either help you or destroy you. Luis Valdez portrays the idea of the PRESS being against the Mexican-American community and portraying them as the “bad guys.”

Context: The PRESS plays a big part in Zoot Suit. They are the antagonist in this play. They are the reason why the outcome of trial was the outcome. They lash out at the Mexican-American communities by stereotyping them as criminals, the bad guys. They feel as if they are let out into the world they will be a bad influence towards the American families.

Evidence #2:In this quote the press is saying that the Pachucos, the Mexicans, are a threat towards everyone and should be put
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