Logos And Ethos In Henry David's Civil Disobedience

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In the essay ‘’Civil Disobedience’’ by Henry David it teaches the very beginning moment of resistance the government for the cause of knowing something for being morally wrong. This is because of the ideas that he formed in his essay of a sharp-witted planned out study introducing the main three methods of persuasion. He included by giving each example of logos, ethos, and pathos. Henry made himself clear what he was advocating for and inspire other to do Civil disobedience movement in the near future. At the beginning of the essay, it introduced logos to explain Henry’s reasoning to the audience why his action was necessary. Henry didn’t pay his poll tax, which would go directly to the government. He didn’t like the government involvement …show more content…

To rebel against the government to defend their beliefs. As he said: ‘’Let every-man make known what government would command his respect, and that will be step towards obtaining it’’. Another point he points out is that treat their bodies as men and not as machines: ‘’The mass of men serve the state thus, not as men mainly, but as machines, with their bodies’’. The last example he used to influence his audience is that their treated as dirt. While the government is more of a major ruler like earth. ‘’But they put themselves in a level with wood and earth and stones [...] than men of straw or a lump of dirt’’. Henry’s ethos shows the audience of his strategy of going against the government corruption. Henry’s speech was well-planned out to shows his audience of his experience when rebelling the government; in addition, receiving forced punishment for not paying his poll-tax. He thought out things that made himself to commit this disobedience against the government and wanted to express his experience of his ideas and strategy to disobey the government. His speech made others do the same and be responsible against authority of a powerful organization controlling them to do immoral things against their

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