Summary Of Tell Me Liberty Or Give Me Death By Patrick Henry

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Patrick Henry’s “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” speech was given out during the Revolutionary era. During this period in time the founding fathers were in the second Virginia convention deciding if they should make an infantry to fight against Great Britain and be able to gain their freedom. There were many discussions regarding this issue since many of the colonies were afraid of being killed since this infantry was going to be made out of mostly farmers and colonists who did not have any type of military experience. This frightened everyone since many of them believed that the infantry would not be able to win in a revolutionary war.
In this speech the author, Patrick Henry, expresses his idea of how bad he desired to become independent from Great Britain and its king who treated the people from the 13 colonies with unfair acts which included the Intolerable Acts which was an aftermath to punish the colonies for the “Boston Tea Party,” a movement of protesting against other taxes imposed by the king where the Founding Fathers dumped about $1,000,000 worth of tea.
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In paragraph three, Henry mentions that one of man’s nature to crave for hope although most of the times we ought ourselves to “shut our eyes against a painful truth” such as many of the men at the convention who wished of not revolting against Great Britain although all of them wished of being free and independent away from England. He gave a comparison to most of the people who opposed the idea to revolution as to people who have eyes but do not see, in other words blind people, or people who have ears but do not hear, in other words deaf people due to everything that the 13 colonies have gone through having to deal with all the unfair laws passed by the king and not being able to do anything about

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