Stereotypes In Samuel Huntington's Article 'The Hispanic Challenge'

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Samuel Huntington’s article The Hispanic Challenge argues that Hispanics, specifically Mexicans, are not true American citizens. According to Huntington, Americans are people who believe in the American creed. However, he believes this creed is being threatened. For some time now, large influxes of Hispanic immigrants have been coming to the US and have brought their own culture with them. The writer of Speaking in Tongues, Gloria Anzaldua, believes that Hispanics have the right to hold onto their culture in America. Both readings claim that Hispanics are here to stay, but with opposing views on how this affects society. One place where Hispanic presence is on the rise is in schools. However, some Hispanic students know more Spanish than English, and therefore struggle in school. This idea of exemplifies the stereotype that Hispanics are “dumb”. Yet for most Hispanics, speaking Spanish is a big part of their …show more content…

Because of this, she also believes there is a lack of respect for Hispanic culture. It is also unfair that Spanish is taught with little respect, yet English is usually a “pretentious” subject. She majored in English in college to show her teachers that she was capable of learning about the language, but still has her Hispanic identity. On top of being Hispanic alone, there are even more stereotypes about Hispanic women that both authors talk about. A common stereotype made about Hispanic women is that they all have high fertility rates, therefore having lots of kids. An important point Huntington makes about fertility rates is that they are high among immigrants. Hispanics have an especially high fertility rate. This is a main reason why there are so many Hispanics in the US. According to Huntington, the fertility rates among whites were around 1.8, and 3.0 for Hispanics in 2002. (Huntington) Since then, those numbers have most likely

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