Deviance Among Latino Males Essay

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There is a very high rate at which young males of Latino background are dropping out of high school and in some parts of the U.S the dropout percentage gets to be as high as 60%. There are many reasons for this social issue using the Social Pathology and we will explore the answer to this problem. We can look at these young Latino males in all parts of the country as being deviant. The reason this social problem exists is because of their deviance. So, how is it that all of these males from this particular ethnicity from all parts of the U.S are deviant in the same way? Do they all get together and host a meeting about how to continue their deviance? They don’t. The reason why they are all deviant is because they have a defect, whether it be moral, psychological, physical or mental. This is not saying that all males or all Latinos are defective, it is saying that specifically Latino males are the defective ones in the community. Now that the problem and why it is happening has been identified, there needs to be a solution. There are quick fixes to this problem and those are the ones that Social Pathology uses. In this case sterilizing these Latino males so they couldn’t procreate and raise other Latino males and increase the dropout rate even more might be …show more content…

It would suggest that the reason they are dropping out is because they are not aware of the norms of society. They don’t know that it is frowned upon to drop out and the consequences of doing so or they may just disagree with them. If the problem is that they are not aware of the norms, then the solution to this would be to educate them on the norms. If they disagree with the norms, then convincing them that abiding by the norms is important would work. If you have tried these two things and it still hasn’t worked then they would suggest using Social Pathology

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