Impact Of Immigrants

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In Economic and Social Impact of Immigrants Stephen Moore is arguing that immigrants and refugees contribute positively to the American Economy. He conveys this through the use of surveys, data, and facts from multiple sources. In the second paragraph he took a 1986 survey that concluded that a lot of foreigners achieved success in this country in difficult positions such as engineering and entrepreneurship. Two separate studies’ discussed in the sixth and seventh paragraphs dispel common beliefs that immigrants take jobs away from natural born citizens. The studies concluded that the exact opposite of popular opinion, immigrants in fact benefitted the economy for employers, employees, and the US economic position. Another popular opinion is …show more content…

He’s not making blind claims without backing them up; he backs up every claim with fact based studies from a variety of reliable sources that contradict popular opinions of immigrants from natural born citizens. From my point of view immigrants work harder than a number of Americans, they aren’t simply aloud without fighting all along the way. Immigrants come here to take advantage of better opportunity that exists in American that doesn’t exist in their home country. They’re coming here to advance themselves and their families, they waste little time complaining instead working hard to get ahead in life. Pushing through culture shock from a virtually new world, possible discrimination, and obstacles that cause a number of people to fold like a cheap chair. Since they arrive they’re forced to jump through the hoops of the United States Government knowing any sort of lapse in judgement could result in them being forced to leave the country. In my own experience immigrants are the most hardworking people in this country, for instance my old supervisor worked two full time labor intensive jobs to support his family. Not many people could handle that much work, but he can among many others due to knowing that that sort of opportunity exists here. Most immigrants don’t leave their home country because they hate it; they leave because they want a brighter future for themselves. Whether that’s from pursuing education or working hard day in and day out, immigrants bust their asses in order to live here. The United States is great because of our multiple ethnicities that have been integrated over the years; we are in ourselves a country of immigrants. If we indeed want to stay “great” we shall continue to allow ambitious hardworking human beings to enter our country and contribute to the United States. Shutting them out under the false pretenses will erode everything that has been built by strong willed foreigners throughout our

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