Essay On Impact Of Immigration On Economy

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It is part of human nature to strive to go further, achieve more and become a better person. Many people nowadays decide to leave their country in search for a better life in order to provide positive changes for their future, and that is the main reason as to why people migrate. Reasons for immigration can include lack of educational opportunities, the standard of living is not being high enough, or the low value of wages. Immigration has become a major part of life in the 20th century, and many people see America as the land of freedom, countless opportunities and thus they choose to migrate to the United States whether as naturalized citizens, legal permanent residents, refugees, international students, or even undocumented immigrants. The …show more content…

I believe that it is certainly not true. According to economists who have analyzed local labor markets have mostly failed to find large effects of immigrants of employment and wages of U.S born workers (Borjas, 2006). The most accurate way to measure the impact of immigration on economy is to analyze the effects dynamically over time. Data shows that immigrants expand the U.S. economy’s productive capacity, stimulate investment, and promote specialization which in the long run boosts productivity, and there is no evidence that these effects take places at the expense of jobs for native-born workers (Perri, 2010). These studies systematically analyze how immigrants affect total output, income per worker, and employment in both the short and long run. Same with the previous research, this analysis finds no significant effect of immigration on net job growth for native-born workers. This suggests that the economy absorbs immigrants by expanding job opportunities rather than by displacing native-born workers in the United States. Moreover, the work force, like the economy, is not fixed and static. The U.S economy itself is dynamic, fluctuating, and creates hundreds of new jobs every

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