Undocumented Immigration Impact

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As we read through the entire textbook we come to an understanding that this country was built solemnly based on immigrants. Undocumented immigrants have had a positive social impact in this country. Immigrants have helped boost the economy of this country and adapt new cultures and languages. Immigrants are not taking your jobs they are simply filling in jobs that Americans or other people cannot do. Coming from a migrant family, it has truly shaped me who I am today. Through the significant struggles I have witness from my parents I have learned and adapted that if you want something you have to work for it, as much as they did in order to fully provide my siblings and myself with the basic necessities. Having immigrant parents who were only eligible to work in the agriculture business was a bit overwhelming. Since they only spoke one language, Spanish, there wasn’t many job opportunities for them. Getting paid minimum wage and be living as a low income family we were faced with many struggles. I can say that coming from immigrant parents and foreseeing their struggles, immigrants of Hispanic descent have overcome many adversities especially discrimination because the way they dress, not being able to speak the English language fluently or because of their cultural beliefs. Yes, immigrants have to adjust to this country where it has other…show more content…
Undocumented immigrants migrate only for a better social economic status that their country cannot provide. As humans we should be able to give these opportunities to immigrants because once you get to know them on a personal level you end up learning something new about their culture or that individual, it is fascinating. We are all different and carry different traditions and different opinions. Some people are more opened to undocumented immigrants in this country while others are completely shut on accepting them in this
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