How Did Spanish Culture Influence Mexican Culture

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Ever since the conquistadors had conquered Mexico, the life and culture of many modern Mexicans has been altered by Spain. From the design and organization of towns and cities to religion to class system, Spain has definitely made an impression on Mexico. One of the first imprint the Spanish made was leveling the native temples and then putting their Catholic churches and administrative buildings on top. To me, it’s as they - the Spanish are stating their religion - Catholicism - is superior to theirs. Secondly, the Spaniards used the local people as slaves to build their churches and their government buildings. The fact that they took advantage of these people in their own land is just upsetting. Another thing the Spanish did was they “built” a church in the center of every town while all the important …show more content…

Unfortunately, the children belonging to the mestizo category who practiced more Spanish customs were higher up than those who practiced native customs. At the bottom of the “food chain” were the “Indios” or Indians. In the eyes of the Spanish, they had the legal status of children. Today, this system still exists to a degree. Unfortunately, the implication of Spanish culture still has impacted today’s Mexican society. Many young children whose family practice native customs are afraid to reveal that they are not “pure” according to Spanish standards. The consequence of such injustice is so tremendous that it impossible to put into words: so many people are suffering just because their ancestors had been conquered by a much more powerful nation. It is unfair that they have to suffer they way. I truly feel sorry for those who can’t put food on the food table every night because there are no job opportunities for them because they aren’t true Spaniards. Unless they people of Mexico don’t change their thinking soon, it shall never

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