Immigration Reform Argumentative Essay

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In Central America there are high levels of violence, particularly, in regard to gangs who are specifically targeting women. Resulting in families fleeing to the United States through the southern border. In an attempt to stop illegal immigration the current administration has been placing migrants, when caught, in detention centers. This is done as a message to others to not come over, and also as a holding place until they can be sent back to their home country. This becomes more controversial because of who is being held in these centers. Families are migrating together and small children are being held in these detention centers. Federal judge Dolly M. Gee in the Federal District Court for the Central district of California ordered that these detention centers could not hold the migrant children. However, because of the overwhelming number being held they were given twenty days to be released. However, instead of these centers shrinking and being shut down, they are simply growing in numbers, due to the growing number of Central Americans seeking refuge. …show more content…

Immigration reform is a complex problem that people have passionate and opposing views on. Due to this, leaders such as Obama in this case must find new solutions to aim to please as many people as possible. His administration had been detaining the immigrants because there has been mass call to decrease illegal immigration in politics. However, a federal court has issued the department of homeland security to release the families from the detention centers. This leaves another problem, what should America do with these people? The current solution is they are released from the detention center with ankle bracelet tracking device and they will go to a federal immigration appeals court where is will be decided if they have ground to stay or not. Many are granted permission to stay while some are deported back to Central

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