Persuasive Essay On Mexican Americans

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Mexican Americans have immigrated and emigrated to Americas since before the Mexican American war of 1848. Immigration of Chicanos has been happening for a very long time, but the only difference is that it is now becoming a problem. Before the border was created Mexicans would legally cross to America, with no immigration problems, until 1924. When the border was created, Mexicans and Chicanos no longer has access to their old Chicano lives. Children continue to illegally be brought to America in search of better opportunities. America has had Chicano culture since the Mexican American war, and the treaty of Wadalupe Hidalgo was created. Mexican Americans continue the Chicano tradition of crossing the border regardless what the laws say, because there are times where Mexicans feel like they have no other choice. DACA is a bill called the dream act that was passed by the Obama ministration that gave a temporary legal status to children who were brought to America as young children. President Trump wants to get rid of DACA, which can ruin the lives and status of over 800,000 Chicano students. After Obamas term President trump decided he wanted to get rid of DACA without giving a specific reason why. DACA has gave over 800,000 dreamers jobs, and new opportunities in schools meaning that would all be taken away. Losing that number of workers, and students is not good for the economy, meaning jobs would start to run out. DACA has been the stability towards a peaceful future

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