Mexican Immigration History

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jobs because they required heavy manual labor in a dangerous environment. The factories were iron and textiles were produced, needed masses of workers to operate the equipment and create products (Early American Railroads, 2008). During this time the railroads were being mass produced to accommodate the demand for more transport line. The railroads offered many jobs: driving spikes, carrying wooden ties, leveling ground for new line and laying the iron track. The opportunity to work on building new tracks throughout the US brought many Irish to work for the railroad companies (Irish Immigration to America, n.d.).
Following the first industrial revolution was the second in the 1880’s. This revolution was centered on steal, oil, railroads and electricity. Again there was a massive demand for unskilled workers to man the assembly lines and equipment in the factories. The …show more content…

Similar to the industrial revolution, Mexicans moved into America during a major world transition, World War I. After the U.S.A. joined the war in Europe, there was a shortage of men to work in America. The people in America welcomed the Mexican immigrants to work in the factories and farms throughout America (Mexican Immigration, n.d.). Then in 1939, World War II began and once again there was a shortage of labor in the United States. Mexicans began to flow into America again searching for work. In 1943, the Bracero program was initiated to encourage Mexicans to come to America to work. The program continued throughout the year 1965 (Push and Pull Factors of Mexican Migration, 2014). The Bracero program was a mutual agreement between Mexico and the United States for Mexicans to come and work with short term contracts. In-between years the 1942 to 1964, 4.6 million contracts were signed. A lot of workers signed returning contracts to continue working in the United States (Bracero History Archive,

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