Mexican Immigration In The Early 1900

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Within the past one and a half centuries, ever since the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, it allowed the United States to take a large portion of land. Since then, many Mexicans have been trying to emigrate themselves over to America, leaving behind their homelands. Mexican immigration in the early 1900 's was a huge issue that impacted the United State, in areas such as urban population, employment and many other ways. The mass number of
Mexican immigrant 's that migrated to the United States from Mexico was at nearly half million in between the years of 1920 and 1929. Mexicans left their native land and moved to the United
States not only to achieve financial prosperity, but to get out of the chaotic environment that
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This article immediately suggests to the reader that having immigrants over to the United States is not only a burden, but also a financial crisis that is affecting all residents of America. Is it fair for this report to target the immigrants to be the main financial reason that the economy is on the verge revisiting the Great Depression? It is easy to target these people for being the main reason why the economy is in a crisis because they are immigrants, but their efforts in coming here is not the main …show more content…

The thing is, people that cross the border legally could be criminals. Heck, your child could be a criminal! But the question we should be asking is what’s more dangerous? An undocumented criminal whom we don’t know where he’s living, working, name, age, profile? Or a documented one? Hardworking illegal’s in the United States are at even more danger because if something happens to them that is a criminal act? They cannot go to the police because they will get deported. This is why we need to not put so much money into the boarder and we need to put more into making illegal’s legal. The US already does this for Cubans so, why not Mexicans? If a Cuban lands on American soil after floating on a raft the US says get this man his documentation to make him legal. If a Mexican gets to the US and asks for it help, the US gives it the cold shoulder and sends them back after they risked there life to get here.Get them documentation so that they can be kept track of. This is the best way for everyone, Americans can be more protected and

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