Occupied America Essay

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Many people believed that Mexico invaded the United States and caused the U.S Mexico war; however, it was actually United States who raided Mexico first. The author, Rodolfo Acuna, purpose of writing “Occupied America: A History of Chicanos” was too informed of how the United States came to invade Mexico which led to the U.S Mexico War. Such as how the U.S President Polk, who played a huge role in the U.S Mexico war. Other events include the Anglo Settlements in Texas who brought their slaves, Texas War of Independence, and the terms of Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. All these events are what led up the U.S Mexico War.
In 1821, after a long bloody war, Mexico finally gets their independence from Spain. As Mexico separated from the Spaniards and were finally on their own, it was hard for them to build a nation that would unite them. Since Mexico was made up of many such as mestizos, Indios, and Native Americans, it was even harder to be united because the races divided them. Because Mexico was busy trying to build a nation their hold on Texas was not stable. Meanwhile, the United States began to expand their territory, gathering states like Florida, central …show more content…

“According to the theory of Manifest Destiny, the United States was the embodiment of the City of God on Earth and European race were chosen predestined for salvation” (Acuna, 47).The U.S believe it was their faith to spread their principles to the “New World” and the land that was inhabited by Natives did not belong to them since they were a below them. These beliefs are what spark the United States to invade the lands of the Natives and to forcefully teach them “the way of living.” These beliefs are also why white colonists believe Texas belong to them and began the war between Mexico over

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