War Against Mexico Dbq Analysis

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The Mexican War was a battle between the Americans and the Mexicans when there was a disagreement between borders between the two countries. America went to war against Mexico and fought for almost two years. However, it all started when Mexico declared their independence from Spain. They became close to America. They allowed Americans to settle in Texas, but Americans began overwhelming Texas. Soon, Americans in Texas wanted to declare independence from Spain because of the prohibition of slavery. After a war, they annexed Texas to America, and Mexico was angry at America. America went further and declared war against Mexico. But was America justified to wage war against Mexico? America was justified to declare war against Mexico because Mexico …show more content…

According to President James Polk, “Mexico had passed the boundary of the United States, has invaded our territory and shed American blood upon the American soil.” (Document B) Clearly, this document shows that an affair with the Mexicans inside the border of America caused Americans to become injured and killed. According to Jesus Velasco-Marquez, “Thus occupying the territory in dispute and increasing the possibilities of a confrontation… In the eyes of the [Mexican] government, the mobilization of the US army was an outright attack on Mexico…” (Document C) Clearly, the Americans were justified because they were settling into their own land, but the Mexicans attacked them while also crossing the border. Therefore, America was justified with going to war against Mexico. However, some people may disagree that America was justified, and might believe that it was not justified to declare war against Mexico. People may believe that they were not justified because the US had already stolen Texas from Mexico. “From Mexico’s point of view, the annexation of Texas to the United States was inadmissible for both legal and security reasons.” (Document C) Clearly, America was not justified in declaring war against Mexico because they had already robbed them, and was not right to declare war after they were just robbed of their land. However, America was justified because Mexico would lose their land eventually anyways, and while Mexico was weak, seized the opportunity to gain more land. Thus, America was justified to fight against

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