Essay On Migrant Farm Workers

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Migrant farm workers are individuals who enter the United State or any other country illegally or legally to work in agriculture farms. Most of these farm workers are temporary and some are seasonal workers. There are many issues and challenges facing migrant workers. Migrant farm workers must survive many challenging conditions so that American can have the best selection of all the fresh foods found in farms. My grandfather was an immigrant that migrated from Yemen in 1970 and was working in a farm in Fresno CA. He was a grape farmer working from 6 am to 7 pm almost more than 13-hours a day his salary was $2.56 an hour from that salary he had to support his family that was still living in Yemen. Many migrant farm workers who pick these fruits travel across the country and cross borders to fill the agriculture jobs in the U.S that U.S citizens are not willing to take. (McKenzie, 2015). Agriculture jobs is not an easy job, but these migrant farmworkers are willing to fill these physical exhausting jobs because of the economic hardship, and the lack of jobs in the there country, therefore, courtiers that have these immigrant farmworkers should recognize immigrants for their hard work. The documentary food chain shed light on the reality of farmworkers it also …show more content…

NAFTA took effect in January of 1994.Its main purpose is to increase the agriculture trade and investment among the three countries. According to the department of agriculture, Mexico lost over 900,000 farming jobs in the first decade of NAFTA.( McKenzie, 2015 ). Before NAFTA people of Mexico grew corn and was able to support their family and country economy. Shortly after NAFTA cheap American corn came pouring in form the borders, which caused a major effect on families that were working in farms in Mexico. Eventually, Mexican gave up and Migrated to the United States to work in

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