Summary Of Send The Illegals Back By Barbara Smith

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In the essay the author distinguish between the two scenarios and gives evidence supporting both views. The first scenario starts off on January 2013, fourth graders from Jefferson Elementary School are returning from Christmas break. Barbara Wegner the teacher for the fourth graders noticed one of her students was absence. Day’s went by and he still did not return to school. Rodrigo’s family had come to the United States on a tourist visa, which had been expired. For Christmas Rodrigo’s family went on vacation. They could not leave because of their expired visa and was sent back to Mexico. When Rodrigo’s fellow classmates heard of the situation they were devastated. The second scenario occurred in Murrieta, California. Where protestors blocked a bus of undocumented immigrants. The protestors were holding up signs saying, “ Send the illegals back”. As a result of this essay the author allows the reader to get a better understanding of the affects of immigration.

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Within Smith’s essay he evaluates why immigration causes both empathy and revulsion. He tries to identify what characteristics do fourth graders have to …show more content…

The overall claim of this essay is to distinguish the different mindsets of people who are pro immigration and anti immigration. The support the author overs for the claim is demonstrating the two different scenarios between the forth graders and protestors of Murrieta, California. Smith appealed to the readers by triggering their emotions. In the first scenario Smith appealed to the readers emotion by using children to identify a bigger meaning. The fourth grade class was devastated to loose one of their fellow classmates. They viewed Rodrigo not as an immigrant but as their friend. As a class they were able to put aside political issues and come together to fight for their friend to be in the United

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