Argumentative Essay On Undocumented Americans

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My central topic is Raid Alerts Wanted to Warn Undocumented Immigrants With an APP. Because this is such an important topic at the moment, Celso Mireles a 27 year old developer who spend over 25 years undocumented in the United States decided to create an Application to provide crowd sourced and verified warnings about immigration raids so undocumented individuals can be alerted and avoid them. Celso Mireles started the app during the Obama administration because he deporting more people than any president in history, but the recent raids motivated its developer to pick it up again especially since Homeland Security immigration raids totaling more than 680 arrests lately. The narrator has many questions, but the most important one is; how can he help millions of people that are afraid for their life to not get kicked out from America. Because Celos Mireles had to live his life in fear of the immigration, he has an extra motivation for beginning this project, which can lead to helping many people around the world that are still living in fear day by day. Because of the many people from Celos Mireles country getting …show more content…

Many people that came to the United States illegally have been worried about deportation ever since they have stepped foot in this country. I remember my cousin many years ago coming with a student visa from Europe and decided on not going back home. He was always so careful of everything he did to not get into trouble with the law. Because he decided to continue his education at Wright College, he was being charged the international student rate, which was around 3x as much as a in district student. The life of an illegal immigrant is not easy and hopefully with this new application, immigrants will receive a tool to help them sleep better knowing that they have some knowledge of what is taking place around

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