Should Immigrants Stay Illegal

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People leave their countries and come to the United States to become citizens and find work to make a life for themselves. Granting them citizenship and legal status helps avoid losing their homes and being forced to go back where they came from. Immigration is a natural right, and if people want to come to the U.S. and start a life here, give them the opportunity to do so. Treating immigrants unfair and calling them “Illegal aliens” is offensive, causing racism to stir up. They are human beings trying to find a line of work and make a living for themselves. The letting immigrants stay can bring benefits to the economy, influence good values, and motivate others to chase after the American Dream. Deporting undocumented immigrants isn’t right and they deserve a given chance to begin a new life without the government interfering. Allowing foreigners to adjust their status will enhance national …show more content…

It is understandable why someone would come to the United States here illegally; They couldn’t get papers, a green card or permission to go. If an immigrant had relatives who were Americans, chances were still limited. Immigrants who committed countless crimes in America or another country should be deported, but those who’ve done nothing wrong and tried to make a living should stay. Not all immigrants are the same, and it’s unfair to punish them all. It isn’t fair to give citizenship as a reward for people who broke the immigration laws.
While immigrants continue to take away jobs, they are a contributing factor to paying taxes and helping out society. The sooner we allow them to stay in America, the greater the benefits would be. Allowing them legal status would improve our country. Everybody must be treated with respect and dignity, no matter the race. Deportation must be allowed depending on the situation, but other than that, immigrants should be given permission to

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