The Pros And Cons Of Immigration Reform

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Throughout the last twenty years, the United States government has failed to establish equitable and lasting immigration reform. Different attempts such as the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals established in 2012 serve as examples of incapability to grant true reform to undocumented communities. This infectivity is a cause of polarized congressional leadership. Both sides argue for their personal views rather than alleviating the status of many migrant communities. The inadequateness of immigration reform can be explored through several aspects. Permanent improvement can be seen with the implementation of immigration reform that includes all 11 million undocumented individuals.

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After this pivotal piece of legislation was enacted in 1987 by President Reagan, issues surrounding immigration would change exponentially. The goal of the IRCA of 1986 was to limit unlawful entry into the country, sanction employers who would hire undocumented people, and it would also grant legal permanent residency to over three million people.
The shortcomings of this legislation would serve as precedents for insecure ramifications in the present. The inadequacies of the IRCA can be denoted as several different factors which would continue to afflict policy surrounding immigration today. The number of undocumented immigrants at the time was more commonly from Latin America. Those numbers derive directly from Mexico and several parts of Central America. These regions had been left troubled by political instability ridden with economic inequality. Although there were no certain ethnic qualifications to qualify, it was no surprise that a majority of beneficiaries were considerably Hispanic or Latino. Not excavating the principal factor of unlawful immigration would further the socioeconomic crises in these Latin American regions and further entry into the United …show more content…

Like Reagan and his administration, there was a lack of recognition of the principal issues leading to immigration. Without the recognition of the push and pull factors that bring people to the United States. There can be no substantial amelioration without acknowledgment of why migrants came to the U.S.
Additionally, there was an over-emphasis on the executive in the area of immigration reform. DACA was the result of an executive action that today is in the courts for the legality of this enactment. DACA served as an example of how the executive can only do so much and without the support of legislative powers, there can be no immigration reform. Although DACA grants certain opportunities for Dreamers it takes more than it

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