Should Illegal Immigrants Be Allowed Essay

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Have you ever thought that this country, the United States of America is secured? Sorry to burst your bubble, but it never was, due to illegal immigrants coming from another country without a valid pass. Illegal Immigrant should not be allowed in the United States. There are many reasons why Illegal Immigrants should not be allowed, firstly Illegal Immigrants take jobs from Americans and Legal Immigrants. The next reason is because Illegal Immigrants cause more crimes to be committed. The final reason is because they insignificantly affect the economic state of the United States. Many authorized citizens have lost their jobs, and a chance to get a new job because of Illegal Immigrants. Studies have shown that in fact, most jobs believed to be mostly done by illegal immigrants are false and the majority is done by the native born citizens. The Average jobs being done by illegal immigrants is around 20,000 from all states. Those jobs could have fed 20,000 citizen’s family. They don’t have to take our jobs, it would benefit their country if they had done something productive there. Now that they came to the United States, there will be a significant job decrease at the immigrant's country. La 2 When Illegal Immigrants come to the United States, …show more content…

That is, in fact, true, however, what they didn’t mention is that the benefit they give us is less than 1% as researchers have studied. With such insignificant benefit, comes great impact. According to researchers, the wages of low-skilled workers decreases due to a few high skilled illegal immigrant. They would illegally hire them and will pay the native born works less than what they deserved. Illegal Immigrant attends our public schools but doesn’t pay the taxes. The Government will lose money because they are spending money to help the school but they aren’t getting enough money. They should never be allowed to work here or learn

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