Persuasive Speech On Illegal Immigration

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I.Introduction One of the greatest controversies in modern day is illegal immigrants. There are an approximate 11.4 undocumented immigrants that live in our country today. Now with your new action in place, I think it’s a good thing. Mainly because it allows lasting illegal immigrants to stay here, it allows jobs to go to documented americans, and gives children hope for a better future ahead. II. Reason #1 and Evidence One of the reason stated is that this law allows immigrants to be legal here if they've stayed here for 5+ years. This is important because 4.2 million immigrants have been here for 5+ years. In Obama’s speech he stated, “If you've been in America for over 5 years… you will be able to stay in this country.” Even though this new …show more content…

A survey found that 51 percent of Americans think that their jobs have been taken by unworthy undocumented immigrants who have cheated their way into this country.. “Rasmussen Reports survey found that 51 percent of Americans believe they are competing for their jobs against illegal immigrants living in the country.” Wrote International Business Times. Illegal immigrants take jobs in service, construction, and manufacturing. IV. Possibly Reason #3 and Evidence The last reason stated is that Children have hope for a better life and future ahead. Surprisingly, 5.3 million of these children are living with unauthorized parents. And these children usually get a high school or college degree, but can’t get a job because of the scare of being deported. “ More than half the undocumented immigrant population has a high school diploma or higher.” Wrote Center for American Progress. V. Counterargument/Rebuttal Even though I think this action is a great idea and plan for our country some people would say otherwise. These people are under the impression that not all immigrants who are allowed to stay, still won’t be able to

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