Benefits Of Unocumented Immigrants

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“ I speak not of myself but for those without voice.. Those who have fought for their rights.. Their rights to live in peace, their rights to be treated with dignity, their rights to equality of opportunity, their rights to be educated.” ~ Malala Yousafzai. Sometimes people judge others without knowing how they truly are. Just because of their looks, about what they have heard, or because of their race. Someone's race does not define who they are , what they do defines who they are. Many people go with what they have heard about undocumented immigrants but they do not truly know the actual reason why they come to the United States. A lot of people say it is because of drugs, or to take jobs , or to destroy American resources, but they …show more content…

Maybe they think that undocumented immigrants do not want none of that but to just cause a fiasco in the United States. But sadly they are wrong . The majority of undocumented immigrants come here for new opportunities for them and for their family, to find a job that will at least get them food on the table, and lastly for their children to get a good education so their children grow up to actually be someone they want to be in life ; something that some of them could not do . Many people flee the place where violence is all you see , where they can not feel secure in their own country , where each day is a struggle to survive because of health issues, no water or electricity , and starvation just for the protection of their family( Yet they come here to face racism , discrimination , and the fear of getting deported . But either way undocumented immigrants risk it all just so their family can move forward in life. They live in fear but they never give up . Many people have a bad image of undocumented immigrants , but they are actually really hard workers . They work hard for what they want , and they get the things they have by their own sweat . Just imagine leaving everything behind to go to a better place to start a new life. Do people think it is easy to leave their family behind , not knowing when …show more content…

This helps many people see that undocumented immigrants do not take any jobs away from anyone , they only take jobs that people do not want and are available . Like graders, sorters, they also work to make agriculture products, tailors , dressmakers, sewers, animal breeders, maids , housekeeping cleaners, taxi drivers and ext ( The only reason they take the jobs that are available is because they do not care about what type of work there has to be done. They just work hard to earn money to take care of their family so they at least have a roof to sleep under and to get food on the table. Also undocumented immigrants have also helped the United States by bringing redistribution of wealth to America. Also is that if there were no undocumented immigrants there would have been a decline in the labor force of 3 to 4 percent . And the economy would have not grown as much in the 1990’s without undocumented immigrants . Lastly home building would of been negatively affected, and unskilled jobs in the economy would of probably not been fulfilled at all (

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