Unocumented Latino Immigrants

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Not all undocumented Latino immigrants who try to migrate can make it to the United States (Cammisa, 2009). Some of them do not make it because they die due to all the conditions they experience, and only their bodies are found. Also, the undocumented Latino immigrants that get caught by the authorities and are sent to detention centers where they receive first aid, and then are deported back to their homeland countries (United States. Department of Homeland Security. Office of Inspector General. 2011). The undocumented Latino immigrants who make it to the United States are the luckiest because they get to achieve their goal first step. After they get into this country, all they want to do is to find a job, and start working. Some of the work they get to do are …show more content…

According to the Pew Research Center, 47 percent of undocumented Latino immigrants have less than a high school education. It is difficult for them, nowadays, to find a good job without having a complete education, because most of the high quality jobs are hiring people with high education rather than hiring someone with a low education. Moreover, people with a higher education tend to earn more than the ones who are less-educated (Greenstone & Looney, 2012). This shows the importance of having a complete education. In addition, something interesting that the United States Department of Education has towards the undocumented immigrants is that they have not denied education to the undocumented (May, 2014). This is very important because if low-educated undocumented immigrants want to find a good and stable job in the future, they can get their education first, and then find the job they want. Thus, they will be fulfilling their goals and realizing their dreams of helping their families economically in their origin

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