Mexican American Immigrants

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“An American to Mexicans/a Mexican to Americans” (Pat Mora). This is a quote from a poem about being Mexican American immigrant and all its struggles. In America immigrants will always be seen as immigrants, even if they are American citizens. Immigrants have trouble being successful in the the U.S. because of the way they are treated by U.S. born citizen - especially xenophobic people. This causes them unable to obtain freedom because they are undermined as citizens. An immigrant wouldn’t know what to expect when they got to their new home, many scared and nervous, some may be excited to start their life in a new and better country. Besides all of those things they all have something in common: they are immigrants. Interracial marriage was something society also did not like. One interracial couple went to washington to get …show more content…

Success can be hard as an immigrant. In Funny in Farsi when the iranian revolution began “a group of Americans in Tehran were taken hostage in the American embassy. My father was laid off.”(117). Since the hostage situation and it being in Iran all of the sudden all people from Iran are bad. Just because a few Iranians did some bad things now Kazem, Firoozeh’s dad, is out of a job. Not having a job is a major setback for Kazem and his family, and their goal of achieving the american dream. Kazem was undermined as a citizen because of where he was from. This is a great example of even when you are a citizen of America you can still be treated as an Immigrant. In conclusion, Immigrants will always be immigrants. Success for immigrants can be a challenge with the way they are treated and viewed, even if they are citizens. They way they are viewed can increases the difficulty usually of their one goal, to obtain freedom. Even an immigrant that is a full - fledged citizen can be treated as if they were in the U.S.

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