Hispanic Immigrants Assimilation

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What does assimilation mean for Hispanics? The Term “Hispanic” makes reference to Chicanos, Puerto Ricans or all those people from Latin America but live in The United States. It’s clear that not all Hispanics receive the same treatment. Unfortunately, racial and Ethnic Features play a very interesting roles in the process of assimilation of Latino immigrant in The United States. In fact, for many immigrants assimilation means to become white. The purpose of this research paper is to focus on the process of Latin immigrant’s assimilation and…………… influence this process. Sociological Theories Such will be study and concepts such as discrimination, prejudice, stereotypes, ethnicity, subordinate group and … will be involved. To Hispanic Immigrants …show more content…

With 55 million of Hispanics in the country California, Texas, New York, and Miami are some of the states where Hispanic communities are found. Even though the huge number of Hispanic immigrants in the Country, we still being a subordinate group. Immigrants see the fact of being assimilated by becoming white and adopt white racial attitudes. But the question is this, can everybody be assimilated in the same way? According to Bobo and Johnson (2000:144) the physical and cultural features will determinate if immigrants assimilate into the white group, or into the black group. The color line and racial inequality are influent factors in the process. Italian, Polish, and Jewish may not be melted into the majority group when they first came to The Unite States, but they and their children at some point of their life will be assimilated by becoming white and the upward mobility will bring advantages. (Morrison, 1993,) but for people of color such as Hispanic population assimilation means downward mobility; assimilation takes a very different path. Due to the prevalence of negative stereotypes and prejudicial beliefs. Today’s Hispanic immigrants are perceived as poor, ignorant, unclean, illegal aliens, less intellectual and they are more likely to be associated to have a high rate of teenage pregnancies and be involved in criminal behaviors and drugs. …show more content…

Many social Economic Studies have shown that Hispanics, Native Americans, and African American are at the bottom of this racial hierarchy, in this case, it’s not the lack of assimilations, in this case, assimilation means finding, learning and accepting one’s place in the racial hierarchy (Chomsky, 2007, p. 104).
During the process of assimilation the loss of attachment to one’s cultural roots and ethnic distinctiveness occur. After two studies of Hispanic adolescents conducted by Professor Marcelo Suarez-Orozco, the results showed that the most recent immigrants due to the stronger believe in the American Dream tended to be the students with the highest aspirations. They showed that commitment to education, respect and work ethics and high levels of optimism were some of the distinctive characteristics. As they become Americanized and aware of their place in the racial hierarchy drugs, money, and uncontrolled behavior are more likely to occur (Chusmky, 2007, p.107). Discrimination increases awareness of the non-white

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