Forced Assimilation Essay

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Assimilation has a major impact on America and its history. Assimilation is a very controversial topic as many people have different opinions and beliefs about it. The reason people have so many different opinions and beliefs is because assimilation impacts America in so many different ways and happens for so many different reasons. I personally believe assimilation is both good and bad depending on what aspect you 're looking at and how the assimilation is happening. Assimilation can be seen in both the past and present, whether it is forced or happens willingly/naturally. Some ways Assimilation can be forced upon minorities or religious groups is by the use of laws and legal boundaries, or by the cultural beliefs and ideas already established. Forced assimilation was very common in the past with the Native Americans. The white minority would set laws and bribe the Native Americans to motivate them to live and resemble the white race. Forced Assimilation is still present today and is most comely seen in immigration. When immigrants move to America some of their culture and beliefs are illegal or viewed as unusual and they are pushed towards or forced to …show more content…

One major positive is that it creates relationships and communities between people of all different religions and race. One other positive is that immigrant assimilation creates a better workforce resulting in getting jobs done faster and for less money. Although the immigrant assimilation may be good in some ways it also has some negative impacts. It can lower job wages because of the number of workers available and can also have an impact on the unemployment rate. Assimilation can also cause a big loss of culture, tradition, and identity which can be viewed as bad. This often happens because the group or person is so concerned with adopting and assimilating to their new environment or culture they lose their own

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