Causes Of Overpopulation In America

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The issue of immigration has been around since 1965. Even those who do not support immigration know how much America has benefitted since immigrants came into the United States. Immigration seems to be a huge issue to many U.S. citizens, because it increases competition in job markets, which leaves many U.S. citizens without jobs. People fear losing their jobs to illegal immigrants, especially those that is less fortunate. Some believe that immigrants are the cause of many crimes, blaming them for the increasingly high rate of crime in America. Immigrants do not come to America to harm anyone. They come to America in search for jobs in order for them to make a living, which would benefit their living situations. America is a place that has…show more content…
The large number of immigrants is affecting the American citizens. Taxpayers are being forced to pay for the schooling, and welfare benefits for a lot of the immigrants. Several people like the idea of open borders within the United States. However, if the borders were to be opened, immigrants would take advantage of that. The population of immigrants would increase drastically. Overpopulation will have a negative impact in the economy. There would be a dramatic increase in the demand for food, minerals, fuel and other resources. Many farms will become more vulnerable, because people would lose their crops and animals, which would leave them to starve. Starvation will cause many deaths to occur. Overpopulation requires more goods and services to be produced. Another major concern connected with overpopulation is education. Educating too many children will lead to many problems. Funds available to schools and teachers will be affected badly. With the population being so high, housing becomes a huge concern to many citizens. It becomes more difficult for people to find a place to live. However, the government has tried to restrict immigration by making harder for immigrants to cross the border. The United States are the slowest moving country in moving towards stabilizing the population. The majority of other advanced countries around the world id moving quicker than…show more content…
A lot of immigrants come into the country with great ideas and bring a great entrepreneurial spirit to the United States economy. They have delivered positive attributes to the United States and have had a major impact in economic growth. It is great that immigrants are able to come into the U.S and have such a positive impact in the economy. However, many feel that U.S economy would do just fine without the immigrants. They believe that it will open up more chances for U.S citizens to become better innovators and come up with ideas to grow the economy. They do not need immigrants to do all of that because there are many intelligent people in America. They can do just as good as the highly skilled immigrants if not better. The U.S. can have the power to be economically flexible without as many immigrants in the country. They should keep the immigrants who bring a better impact in the economy rather than allowing low skilled immigrants to come into the
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