Effects Of Overpopulation In China

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Overpopulation is a condition that is undesirable. Overpopulation is one of the problems that people concern it to. One of the serious countries facing this problem is China. Reports in China show that it has about 1.4 billion people in this country; it takes about one over seven people of the world population. China is the third largest land after Russia and Canada in the world. Although China’s land is not as big as Russia or Canada, but their number of people make up more than two countries. Overpopulation in China is one of the serious problems that the world is facing because it brings unemployment, exhaustion of natural resources and also environmental at pollution.
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A statistic shows that China had 4.09% of people in China was unemployed in 2014. If the unemployment rate is high, it will cause that country become dangerous, because it will cause crime, such as theft, doing the illegal things and others that are dangerous. According to Xin Hua News (2015), more than 168,000 narcotic-crime suspect was arrested by police in 2014. There had about 70 tonnes of drugs, including 25.9 tonnes of methamphetamine and 9.3 tonnes of heroin. Unemployment will cause lower salaries because more workers but less jobs, so the people that cannot find a job in China they will find a job in other countries. Some of the degree graduated student cannot find a job in the China because there was not job for them. According to Patience (2013), the companies were less hiring 15% graduated students from last year. That was a bad news for the graduated students because they were just a few of companies’ job to choose. Unemployment make the students stress. Most of the students were under pressure, but some of them would choose suicide to end their life because they can’t suffer the pressure that the life given. According to Robert, (2014), “The pursuit of high test scores not only brings pressure to students, but also to teachers, making the relationship between teachers and students worse.” That is because teachers always made their students in pressure for good in exam for their afterwards working …show more content…

According to BBC News (2016), air pollution in Beijing is always in unhealthy stage. Based on 2008 to 2015, Beijing had about 49 out of 100 percent was in unhealthy stage, 14 out of 100 percent was in very unhealthy stage, and 4 out of 100 percent was in hazardous stage. Staying in a bad air or water pollution country is very tough for life. Recent research has shown that there have 4,400 people killed in pollution per day. Sometimes, the school would cancel the class because of air pollution. Cancelled the class will affect the result of the student. Some of the job would be pause because of the air pollution, so their work had being postpone. Postpone the complete working time will make the company loss example construction business. Construction business in China is important, because China need the construction business to improve their economy. According Lovells, H. (2014), some companies did not follow the environmental protection regulation which would be fined and penalties because they always use ‘relationship’ or simply paid for the penalties and fines. Government should be more strict to protect the environment in China. Government should be more alert for the air pollution, and be more attention for their people

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